Change.Org Petition Changed!

26 Mar

Click the above link for the new petition that encourages the Front office of the New York Red Bulls to bring him back. Now I know there was some confusion but anyone in the world may sign. (The last one was aimed at the US Department of State). So sign, share, and keep your fingers crossed that we bring back the striker!


Visa issues sorted. Will he be a Bull???

26 Mar

Visa issues sorted. Will he be a Bull???

Read more here about Luke’s possible return to NY.  you can help by signing the petition on the right of your screen you are looking at.  I understand the verbiage was for his Visa but I am fixing that to tailor it for the NYRB front office.  

We have had 30 plus signatures in several hours and are almost at 1000. So spread the word!.

Luke Rodgers Inks a Deal with Pompey

16 Aug

Portsmouth FC has signed a bulk of its trialists. One of which was a fan favorite here in New York. Luke Rodgers. It was announced on Portsmouth Website (Portsmouth News Page) That the feisty striker will be a new face among many others at Fratton. I want to say congrats to Luke as he starts off nice and fresh with a club that has great supporters and a fantastic history. Here is to hoping they get their finances in order!

Also, I would like to add a thank you to Luke Rodgers for suggesting New York Red Bulls to Lloyd Sam. It is said that Luke was raving about the club and our support so much Sam gave us a shot and tried out for us the past week. NY legend Mike Petke liked what he had seen so now Sam is now a New York Red Bull!

Pompey Lose Big Against Gibraltar 4-0 ; Luke Rodgers on the Pitch

22 Jul

Above is a pic of Luke’s first action as a trialist for Portsmouth FC.

With sweltering tempatures and artifical grass Pompeys’ patchwork group of trialsts and yongsters player Gibraltar in fromt of 1400 fans. Luke Rodgers took the pitch and made some runs according to Portsmouth offical site ( Portsmouth News Page ) Still nothing if Rodgers will be a permanent fixture in Pompey’s run at a promotion from League 1 this season. Hopefully he is showing them what he showed to us here in New York and can become a starting striker of the financially maligned club.

Luke Watch! The Spanish Trip

18 Jul

Well heres a little mention of Luke in this article : Luke Trialist with Pompey

Still on trial with Pompey in Málaga, Spain. When the news rolls in I’ll post it here. So don’t forget to follow this blog for updates on Luke!

Luke Rodgers Trialist for Portsmouth in England’s nPower League 1

16 Jul

Well it seems the feisty striker is in Spain getting ready for the League 1 season.  He is on trial with Pompey.  It would seem England has taken notice when he was here in the MLS and believe that the he has something to offer them. If it wasn’t for a ten point deduction due to financial reasons,( more info here : ) the club would still be in the Championship league, which is the league right under England’s EPL. It wasn’t long ago they were playing in Europe. The fall of Pompey is outside the realm of normality in England, however, it has happened to other clubs in recent times and is still tragic. The players put in a lot of effort, the fans supported them through thick and thin. They are then rewarded with relegation and stuck in the bottom half of English league football.
I have seen Luke play and if you want a spark to help you come back to former glory then Luke’s your man.

England’s League 1 is a very physical League and seems to fit Luke’s style of play. I said it before even though it is the third tier in England’s football pyramid, it is a better league than most top European Leagues in some countries and certainly better than most Second tier European Leagues. (exceptions of some clubs in Germany, Italy France, and Spain) It is a huge possibly for them to get promoted. If I was a betting man I’d say they will.  I say good for you Luke.  I hope you do well and make the squad.  Will continue with updates as the time rolls on.

 Story can be found here:

Memory Lane With Luke Rodgers: His First MLS Goals vs San Jose

15 Jul

It sure has been a nice career with several clubs around England for striker Luke Rodgers. He has been making his mark on the lower professional leagues there since 1999 when he started out with Shrewsbury Town. It takes a lot out of you playing in leagues like that in England for over a decade. It is a very tough profession given the physicality of those leagues. I dare say they are harder than most top European Leagues. I’d say even more so than may top European leagues outside those league’s select “big” 4 or 5 clubs.
Then one day his ex Notts County Manager Hans Backe, now manager for the New York red Bulls asks, “Hey, wanna be Thierry Henry’s strike partner?” Who says no to that?!?

After a few weeks in New York and only starting one game because most of the team was on international duty he came in and made an immediate impact against the San Jose Earthquakes. I remember that game like it was yesterday. They are a good club and were so at the time. We were going through a scoring drought. Henry wasn’t scoring. Things were looking bleak. Unless something sparked us we could get buried to the bottom of the table early on in the season. Agudelo wasn’t producing so Backe thought it was time to use Luke up front instead. Some fans were irritated that he’d dare put in a League 1 player that nobody heard of over the wunderkind that is the hope of US soccer. Most of us had liked what we seen from Luke’s one game this season when we played Columbus. So we were pragmatically hopeful. It was raining pretty badly out there. The pitch was just mud and grass mixed into a cake batter like surface. We had just come off a crushing loss to our “kinda-new-but-not-really-more-annoying-than-anything-Rivals” the Philadelphia Union.

Luke’s first goal came pretty quickly and unexpectedly for us. It was a quick snap header by one of the shortest guys on the pitch. All of a sudden you can feel the momentum. I have gone to many games but this was the start of something great. Something I’d tell my kids about. You could feel it in the air. The rain was pouring and we were all standing and singing. Everyone was soaked. My wife was drenched even through the red parka she was wearing. I loved it! I do know this, for some odd reason we tend to play well in bad weather.
Luke then goes on to score a second for his brace. It was his speed plus pace just charging at the goal like he was going through a brick wall. He tips the ball in after a great steal by Henry and goes flying over Busch, the San Jose keeper. But that wouldn’t be all.
It seemed after that Luke wanted to reciprocate the generosity to Henry. He set Henry up a couple times and Henry almost scored. After a few attempts on goal and seeing Henry’s frustration kicking in, section 133 began to get on his case. Some chants were sung.. probably negative ones aimed at him. This seemed to light his fire though. If you know anything about Henry, the guy doesn’t give up. The King TH14 finally emerges after a great cross from Luke and like a bullet heads the ball into the net. It was such a relief and really helped change that portion of the season for us. Afterwards, he came over and began to curse at us, saying something to the effect of , “This is my fucking house. I’m Thierry Henry!” After the final whistle blew though he came over and gave our capo his jersey. From what I hear he never gives his game jersey to fans. We yell at him, he yelled at us..and we loved it.
We had finally found Henry’s strike partner. Luke was the missing piece of the puzzle and we hurt badly when he wasn’t playing some games during the season as a result of injuries. This was the beginning of a cult hero for Red Bull New York. The legacy of the great number 9 was carried on, for at least one more season. He’s Short, he’s white. He Loves to fucking fight! He’s Luke Rodgers….Luke Rodgers!

Relieve it for yourself!

Some random Photos I found with the teams he was on: